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Milwaukee Bucks (+7.5) at Chicago Bulls (-7.5) over +184.5

Saturday 4/18, 7:05 PM
Chicago Bulls moneyline (-350.0)
Under (+185.5)
Chicago Bulls (-7.5)
pick locked in about 17 hours ago

East Playoffs: Bucks vs Bulls Game 1

This match-up pits division foes against each so in most scenarios this can go either way but in series that may not be the case. These teams are far apart on talent. The Bulls are seasoned bunch with some elite NBA players. The Bucks are young team that figuring it out and have found themselves in this spot due to the mediocrity of the Eastern conference. But that doesnt take away the runs...



Dallas Mavericks (+5.0) at Houston Rockets (-5.0) over +211.5

Saturday 4/18, 9:35 PM
Dallas Mavericks moneyline (+180.0)
Under (+211.0)
Dallas Mavericks (+5.0)
pick locked in about 12 hours ago

West Playoffs: Mavericks vs Rockets Game 1

The finale of opening day of the playoffs. This is looking like the game of the day. These Texas rivals are going to go at it. This series look to be a long 1. Records and seeds are irrelavent in this match-up. This can go either and likely will go the distance.

The Mavs are the 7th seed but still managed to get 50 wins that's what makes them so dangerous in this spot. The Mavs have been in...



Washington Wizards (+3.5) at Toronto Raptors (-3.5) over +194.0

Saturday 4/18,12:35 PM
Toronto Raptors moneyline (-182.0)
Over (+194.0)
Toronto Raptors (-4.0)
pick locked in about 19 hours ago

East Playoffs:Wizards vs Raptors Game 1

The 2nd season is upon us and here is the initial game to kickoff opening weekend of the NBA playoffs. This is always the toughest of all play off match-up when its 4vs5. Usually both teams are very close in record and very similar on talent. This series has all of it. This series will be the most competitive on how this match-up has been set.

The Raptors are the 4th seed and won all 3...


3 Documented picks. Established history of W's. PrimeTime! Admin about 18 hours ago
2 Admin this is the best time of year the NBA Playoffs PrimeTimeCapper about 17 hours ago
3 Good writeup, Primetime. Do you know Deion Sanders? CapCityCappers about 16 hours ago

Patrick Cummins (-121.0) at Ovince Saint Preux (+110.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 7:15 PM
Patrick Cummins moneyline (-129.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

Patrick Cummins vs Ovince Saint Preux Pick

This might be the easiest pick on the card. I hope OVP likes looking up at the lights all fight wondering how he's going to stop getting blanketed for 3 rounds. Durkin by 30-27UD.


Chris Dempsey (+374.0) at Eddie Gordon (-436.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 4:15 PM
Chris Dempsey moneyline (+366.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

Chris Dempsey vs Eddie Gordon Pick

Truck Gordon is overrated. There I said it. Look for my boy Chris Dempsey to shock the 75 people in attendance and grind out a decision win here.


Jimy Hettes (+139.0) at Diego Brandao (-154.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 4:45 PM
Jimy Hettes moneyline (+151.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

Jimy Hettes vs Diego Brandao Pick

DB is just too unpredictable at this point. You'd think he would have improved by now. Jimmy the kid is going to frustrate DB all fight and get the tko in the 3rd.


Pittsburgh Penguins (+1.5) at New York Rangers (-1.5) over +5.0

Saturday 4/18, 8:05 PM
New York Rangers moneyline (-179.0)
pick locked in about 14 hours ago


Rangers really peeking at the right time. Friday night The Rangers enjoy getting their second win in a row!

0 Only 15 points behind you now CAPPER! :) Damian Dasenberg about 5 hours ago

Gian Villante (+314.0) at Corey Anderson (-360.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 6:45 PM
Corey Anderson moneyline (-356.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

Gian Villante vs Corey Anderson Pick

Did you ever see the Villante fight with Maldonado? Hilarious. This dude is horrrrible on the feet and he's not taking Corey Beasting 25/8 Anderson down, no matter how many hours and days are in the week. UD Anderson.


George Sullivan (+138.0) at Tim Means (-153.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 5:15 PM
Tim Means moneyline (-167.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

George Sullivan vs Tim Means Pick

Dirty Bird is just too gritty and defensively sound for Sullivan to mount any kind of momentum in this fight. I think it will be pretty obvious once the bell rings the he doesn't belong in the same cage as Means.


New Orleans Pelicans (+12.0) at Golden State Warriors (-12.0) over +204.5

Saturday 4/18, 3:30 PM
New Orleans Pelicans (+12.0)
pick locked in about 17 hours ago

West Playoffs: Pelicans vs Warriors Game 1

This will be the 2nd game of opening day of the playoffs. Both teams are in a position they have never been before. These teams consist of some of the brightest young stars in the NBA. This series looks to be more competitive than it looks on paper.

The Pelicans finished the season to outlast the Thinder who many circled to be in this spot about a month ago. Their star player Anthony Davis...



Takeya Mizugaki (+325.0) at Aljamain Sterling (-374.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 6:15 PM
Aljamain Sterling moneyline (-363.0)
pick locked in about 16 hours ago

Takeya Mizugaki vs Aljamain Sterling Pick

Mizugaki had his soul taken away when Dominick Cruz took out 2 ACLs worth of aggression and went all apeshit on him. He will never be the same. Also, he's asian. Never bet on asians. No racist. On top of all that, Sterling is a legit legit legit blue chip prospect. TKO rd1.


Portland Trail Blazers (+5.0) at Memphis Grizzlies (-5.0) over +188.5

Sunday 4/19, 8:05 PM

Memphis to WIN Series over Portland

Memphis -150 is play to WIN Series over Portland

Proability Factor Power Ratings have Memphis winning series 4-2 and I agree. See YOU at the pay window to CASH Ticket

1 Had Five selections on teams to WIN first round series in NHL and have another Five teams to WIN Series in first round of NBA playoffs Inside Information about 6 hours ago

San Antonio Spurs (+1.5) at Los Angeles Clippers (-1.5) over +207.0

Sunday 4/19,10:35 PM

San Antonio to WIN Series over Clippers in Round One

Spurs are -163 to WIN series over Clippers
Look for this to go six games with Spurs winning 4-2 in tough Western Conference
Good Luck

1 These are TWO of Five first round NBA plays released to win first round series... Enjoy, we had one tremendous underdog selection that would surprise masses, yet in favorable situation to CA$H Inside Information about 6 hours ago

Boston Celtics (+11.0) at Cleveland Cavaliers (-11.0) over +203.0

Sunday 4/19, 3:05 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers moneyline (-815.0)
Over (+203.0)
pick locked in about 6 hours ago


Simply out, the Celtics do not have nearly enough skill or abilty to win Game # 1 Of This Series.

0 Only 15 points behind you now Capper! :) Damian Dasenberg about 5 hours ago

Beneil Dariush (-183.0) at Jim Miller (+165.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 7:45 PM
Beneil Dariush moneyline (-183.0)
pick locked in 16 minutes ago

Beneil Dariush vs Jim Miller Pick

Dariush is for real guys. He has the same genius striking coach as RDA. He's improving by leaps and bounds. This does not bode well for the "formerly on the cusp of elite" Jim Miller. Miller is a great dude but he just doesn't have the tools on the feet or ground to stop Dariush. I see him getting finished.


Felice Herrig (+111.0) at Paige VanZant (-123.0) over off

Saturday 4/18, 8:15 PM
Paige VanZant moneyline (-123.0)
pick locked in 12 minutes ago

Felice Herrig vs Paige VanZant Pick

PVZ has been steadily improving. Herrig isn't and doesn't seem to want to. This should be an exciting scrap between the 2 "hot" strawweights with PVZ either getting the late finish or a decision.

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Chicago White Sox (+104.0 moneyline) at Detroit Tigers (-113.0 moneyline) +7.0 Sat, 1:05 PM
Philadelphia Phillies (+171.0 moneyline) at Washington Nationals (-186.0 moneyline) +7.0 Sat, 1:05 PM
Away Runs (off) at Home Runs (off) off Sat, 1:05 PM
Atlanta Braves (+126.0 moneyline) at Toronto Blue Jays (-137.0 moneyline) +8.0 Sat, 1:05 PM
Cleveland Indians (+104.0 moneyline) at Minnesota Twins (-112.0 moneyline) +8.5 Sat, 2:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds (+125.0 moneyline) at St. Louis Cardinals (-135.0 moneyline) +7.5 Sat, 2:15 PM
San Diego Padres (-106.0 moneyline) at Chicago Cubs (-102.0 moneyline) off Sat, 2:20 PM
Baltimore Orioles (+123.0 moneyline) at Boston Red Sox (-133.0 moneyline) +8.5 Sat, 4:05 PM
Milwaukee Brewers (off) at Philadelphia Phillies (off) off Sat, 7:05 PM
LAA Angels (+107.0 moneyline) at Houston Astros (-116.0 moneyline) +7.5 Sat, 7:10 PM
Miami Marlins (+138.0 moneyline) at New York Mets (-150.0 moneyline) +6.5 Sat, 7:10 PM
New York Yankees (-103.0 moneyline) at Tampa Bay Rays (-105.0 moneyline) +7.5 Sat, 7:10 PM
Oakland Athletics (+125.0 moneyline) at Kansas City Royals (-135.0 moneyline) +7.5 Sat, 7:10 PM
Arizona Diamondbacks (+123.0 moneyline) at San Francisco Giants (-133.0 moneyline) +7.5 Sat, 9:05 PM
Colorado Rockies (+175.0 moneyline) at Los Angeles Dodgers (-191.0 moneyline) +7.0 Sat, 9:10 PM
Texas Rangers (+199.0 moneyline) at Seattle Mariners (-218.0 moneyline) +7.0 Sat, 9:10 PM
Washington Wizards (+3.5) at Toronto Raptors (-3.5) +194.0 Sat, 12:35 PM
New Orleans Pelicans (+12.0) at Golden State Warriors (-12.0) +204.5 Sat, 3:30 PM
New Orleans Pelicans (+11.5) at Golden State Warriors (-11.5) +204.5 Sat, 3:35 PM
Milwaukee Bucks (+7.5) at Chicago Bulls (-7.5) +184.5 Sat, 7:05 PM
Dallas Mavericks (+5.0) at Houston Rockets (-5.0) +211.5 Sat, 9:35 PM
Boston Celtics (+11.0) at Cleveland Cavaliers (-11.0) +203.0 Sun, 3:05 PM
Brooklyn Nets (+10.0) at Atlanta Hawks (-10.0) +201.5 Sun, 5:35 PM
Portland Trail Blazers (+5.0) at Memphis Grizzlies (-5.0) +188.5 Sun, 8:05 PM
San Antonio Spurs (+1.5) at Los Angeles Clippers (-1.5) +207.0 Sun, 10:35 PM
Detroit Red Wings (+161.0 moneyline) at Tampa Bay Lightning (-179.0 moneyline) +5.5 Sat, 3:05 PM
Minnesota Wild (+124.0 moneyline) at St. Louis Blues (-137.0 moneyline) +5.0 Sat, 3:05 PM
Pittsburgh Penguins (+161.0 moneyline) at New York Rangers (-179.0 moneyline) +5.0 Sat, 8:05 PM
Winnipeg Jets (+126.0 moneyline) at Anaheim Ducks (-139.0 moneyline) +5.0 Sat, 10:35 PM
Chris Dempsey (+374.0 moneyline) at Eddie Gordon (-436.0 moneyline) off Sat, 4:15 PM
Jimy Hettes (+139.0 moneyline) at Diego Brandao (-154.0 moneyline) off Sat, 4:45 PM
George Sullivan (+138.0 moneyline) at Tim Means (-153.0 moneyline) off Sat, 5:15 PM
Takeya Mizugaki (+325.0 moneyline) at Aljamain Sterling (-374.0 moneyline) off Sat, 6:15 PM
Gian Villante (+314.0 moneyline) at Corey Anderson (-360.0 moneyline) off Sat, 6:45 PM
Patrick Cummins (-121.0 moneyline) at Ovince Saint Preux (+110.0 moneyline) off Sat, 7:15 PM
Beneil Dariush (-183.0 moneyline) at Jim Miller (+165.0 moneyline) off Sat, 7:45 PM
Felice Herrig (+111.0 moneyline) at Paige VanZant (-123.0 moneyline) off Sat, 8:15 PM
Max Holloway (+130.0 moneyline) at Cub Swanson (-144.0 moneyline) off Sat, 8:45 PM
Chris Camozzi (+1007.0 moneyline) at Ronaldo Souza (-1482.0 moneyline) off Sat, 9:15 PM
Lyoto Machida (+147.0 moneyline) at Luke Rockhold (-163.0 moneyline) off Sat, 9:45 PM
Yves Jabouin (off) at Thomas Almeida (off) off Sat, 10:15 PM
Shane Campbell (off) at John Makdessi (off) off Sat, 10:45 PM
Steve Bosse (off) at Fabio Maldonado (off) off Sat, 11:15 PM
C.B. Dollaway (off) at Michael Bisping (off) off Sat, 11:15 PM
C.B. Dollaway (off) at Michael Bisping (off) off Sat, 11:45 PM
Fabio Maldonado (off) at Quinton Jackson (off) off Sat, 11:45 PM
Renan Barao (+195.0 moneyline) at T.J. Dillashaw (-218.0 moneyline) off Sun, 12:15 AM
Kyoji Horiguchi (off) at Demetrious Johnson (off) off Sun, 12:15 AM
Eng. Premier
W.B.A (+0.5) at Crystal Palace (-0.5) +2.25 Sat, 10:00 AM
Southampton (-0.25) at Stoke City (+0.25) +2.25 Sat, 10:00 AM
Burnley (+0.75) at Everton (-0.75) +2.5 Sat, 10:00 AM
Away Teams (Saturday 5 Matches) (+2.0) at Home Teams (Saturday 5 Matches) (-2.0) +12.0 Sat, 10:00 AM
Swansea City (+0.5) at Leicester City (-0.5) +2.5 Sat, 10:00 AM
Manchester United (+0.5) at Chelsea (-0.5) +2.25 Sat, 12:30 PM
West Ham United (+1.75) at Manchester City (-1.75) +3.25 Sun, 8:30 AM
Tottenham Hotspur (-0.25) at Newcastle United (+0.25) +2.5 Sun, 11:00 AM

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